Le pedalistan - Clotaire Mandel

Le pedalistan, or a bike journey without returning date or particular ambition more than cycling across every single continent and to see the biggest slice of this planet as possible. 
Here is a website to share stories, photos, thoughts and podcasts.

The cyclist, a 31yo french bloke who hardly stand still. With a endless curiosity I keep crossing borders and share a snap of the world my senses perceive. 
Here is a bit of myself, but mainly what I've encountered. 


Interview and publications :

- The first legs at Global biker !
- Deep thoughts at Smoky camp
- Radio inteview at Allô la planète
- Article sur l'outback Australien chez Desirelinecc (en anglais)
- Photos published in "bicycle traveller magazine" - November 2019

- Portrait in magazine "200" - April 2020
- 6 pages on carnets d'aventures - April/may/june 2020

Help and sponsors : 

- Merit gear : Bikepacking bags handmade in Amsterdam. Good good stuff and awesome people
- Vera cycling : Strong and beautiful cycling cap. Custom made in north of france.
- Countless help from family and perfect strangers. Thousand thanks.

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A little help : 

Never against a little help to keep rolling. Everything I do and share is freely shared and I do it for the pleasure I got out of it and to give back a tiny bit of what I've received.
But if envy and possibility exist, a little help is never too much. It helps to keep riding, paying visas, fixing bike and replacing what's need to be.